Getting ready for a seventies disco party

seventies-disco-party Discos and pub parties are the ideal occasions for trying out one’s fashion ideas. In fact, many people are curious when it comes to getting ready for disco nights. Here are some tips to dazzle on that night:

If it is a seventies disco theme that one wishes to follow then one can try out the retro hairdos and seventies dressing patterns. One can try out the curly and frizzy Afro hairdo’s which were hugely popular during the seventies and eighties.

Women can try out silky straight hair or pony tails, which was a familiar hairdo those days.

The kind of dresses worn on seventies discos was extravagant and attracted attention. Sometimes the combinations were considered slightly weird as well. However, these uneven dressing patterns turned out to be widely popular during seventies discos.

Use colorful cloths for the occasion. Also, seventies style was of ‘polyester and synthetic’ clothing unlike the present era. Also, hippie garments were a hot favorite during those times. If one is trying out trousers then make sure that the fit is tight and good.

Accessorize rightly with big sunglasses and make-up keeping the seventies disco theme in mind. Use shimmer makeup for adding that extra sparkle to your body. One can also use metallic shades.

Use slightly unusual but colorful shades for eye-shadow and blushers. Use glossy lipstick shades. Blue and pink are two shades that compliment this look immensely. Artificial eye-lashes and mascara can be used to augment the look.

Pick out belts and chains that would go with such costumes. Fake accessories and jewellery was an essential part of the seventies look those days. Also, one can pick out colorful beaded jewellery for the occasion.

Other than this, one can pick out platform heels and shoes to complete the seventies look properly.