Getting food right: how you can hire a caterer

caterer A social event without food and drinks is like a birthday without birthday cake. Since food is an integral part of any party, the food provider is important as well. There are many caterers in the food industry; but how many of them are really good caterers?

A good caterer will not only provide the best quality food but also ensure a delightful dining experience with attentive service. Be it a wedding, birthday party or office function, careful planning and decision-making are involved in selecting a caterer.

Catering network

Don’t opt for the biggest caterer with a fancy newspaper ad; instead look for someone who is more familiar. Ask among friends, relatives and acquaintances about caterers they have used in the past. Inquire about the food, service, prices, work ethic etc.

If you’ve liked the food at a particular social event, find out who catered the event. Mostly caterers leave their business cards for the guests. Take these whenever possible; you never know when you may require a caterer.

If you can’t find a suitable catering service, ask a restaurant if they will provide food for your event. It helps if you’ve eaten there before and like the food.

Catering selection

Once you have a list of caterers, start examining their services. Check out the references to see the kind of service they have provided in the past. If possible, visit one of their events.

Make sure you have selected the venue, prepared the guest list and decided on the theme of the event. This will help you to make an informed catering decision. Inquire about catering rules at the chosen venue; some may provide catering themselves.

Find out various details about the service provided by the caterer – whether it includes linen, tables, sufficient serving staff etc. Check their availability on the date of your event. Discuss pricing in detail as well as refunds in case of cancellations. Sign a contract after considering every detail.

Your caterer should be someone whom you can trust completely with your event. So make the right choice where food is concerned.