Get the punk look

punk-look Merely rocking to punk music does not define a punk. The punk attitude speaks volumes about who you really are. Dressing like a punk makes the real statement, literally. An important element of punk clothing is reflecting your tastes, opinions and beliefs.

If you’re the kind of person who goes with the flow, then punk fashion would not be your cup of tea. Punk is an anti-establishment attitude, characterized, at times, by violence in behavior and action. Of course, even if you don’t act the part, you can still look ‘the look’ by ignoring the latest trends in fashion and creating your own.

Wear the punk attitude
Punk is not about subtlety. Be brave and brazen and flaunt your strangest wardrobe pieces, including accessories. Use more than a day’s worth of makeup on your face. This means you can go crazy with eyeliner and blush; apply liberal amounts of lipstick. And remember the brighter and darker the colors, the better.

Punk in color
Black is important in punk fashion, but it is not the only color that defines punk clothing. It needs to be paired with white and neon shades of pink, red, green, blue etc to make the loud statement of punk outfits.

Show your ‘metal’
Metal studs and spikes are a part of punk clothing; they can be worn on jackets, belts, vests etc. The more metal on your outfit, the better; punk is all about what is considered as ‘too much’ by mainstream fashion.

No-good manners
Being neat and tidy won’t help you achieve the punk look. In fact, you need to oppose the rules of common good manners. Ripped clothing is a special feature of punk fashion. You can deliberately rip your narrow jeans and t-shirts or wear those that have naturally faded.

Make a statement
Punk fashion is about individuality – being your own person and not following established norms. Whether it’s your tastes in music or your opinions about life in general, display these on your clothes through stickers and logos.

Think punk, look punk, and feel punk!