Get the preppy look

preppy-look The preppy look is a classic fashion that has been around since the early and mid 20th century. Preppy is a term that is used to refer to those who attended the affluent preparatory schools of northeast America. Generally, the term is associated with people, especially youngsters, of affluent families.

The style associated with the term preppy is not too bold and rich. Rather it is plain and inconspicuous, but still reflects a certain quality and standard. Designer wear is common among preppies.

Classic clothing

Polo shirts, Oxford button-down shirts, khaki pants, pleated skirts, penny loafers and boat shoes were a part of the classic style of the preppies. The material used was mainly cotton and the colors were low-key, down-to-earth tones and pastels.

Forget the flashy

To adopt the preppy look in your wardrobe, you need to leave everything flashy, outrageous, bright and bold behind. Preppy fashion is all about elegance. Some may consider it plain and boring but it also makes you look stylish in a very sophisticated way.

Neat and tidy

Good manners have been taught to us since childhood. One of them is to look neat and clean at all times. Adopting the preppy fashion means adhering to these guidelines.

Nothing torn, scruffy, wrinkled or soiled will do. Staying well groomed is as important as wearing the right outfits and colors.

On the side

Accessories make an important style statement but too many accessories will destroy the preppy look. Few well-chosen ornaments like a stylish tote bag, a trendy watch, classy earrings etc will suffice to complete the preppy fashion.

Simple and sophisticated

Simplicity is one of the main characteristics of the preppy look. Nothing too complicated or fussy will look good when you’re trying to maintain the preppy style. Sweaters, shirts, and khaki pants worn in layers or separately are characteristic of preppy fashion.

Ignore past cultural attacks about the term preppy—snobbishness, arrogance, spoilt behavior. Adopt the style for a new, improved look and make it positive and stylish.