Get rid of early morning tiredness

200395985-001 The alarm clock is probably the worst enemy of early morning risers. Some spend hours in the morning feeling tired and sleepy. Others are just unable to get up and keep hitting the snooze button to get those ‘few minutes more’ of sleep.

Early morning fatigue is so commonplace that we don’t treat it as a problem. If you feel tired every morning, you have to take steps to get rid of that depressing syndrome.

Aside from wasting precious time in the morning, you also lose your enthusiasm during the rest of the day because you have been feeling tired since morning.

Positive energy
One way to energize your mornings is to feel and spread positive energy. Complaining about the problem constantly only saps you of more energy. Tell yourself that you’re feeling energetic and soon you’ll start feeling that way.

A good night
The secret to waking up fresh in the morning is hidden in your night time routine. Avoid heavy meats and spices and you should eat early. Give your body some time for digestion before you go to bed.

Simultaneously, consumption of alcoholic drinks and caffeine also need to be kept under control as they ruin the deep sleep you need for a good night’s rest.

Sleep easy
Some people stress about not being able to fall asleep and thus lose sleep over it. Go to bed when you know you’ll fall asleep the minute your head touches the pillow. This will ensure deep slumber.

Stay calm and relaxed before bedtime. Keep all your worries aside; you won’t gain anything by thinking about them all night. Meditate, read a book, listen to music, think happy thoughts: make this a regular habit and your sleep will be much better.

Morning sun
As soon as you wake up, expose yourself to sunlight. This will require some practice but make it a habit to take a walk or at least stand in the sunlight for a few minutes. It will awaken you effectively and your tiredness will vanish.

Wake up like a merry bird and get ready for an active day!