Get Gorgeous with Eye Shadow

eye-shadow Sometimes, choosing the right shade of eye shadow can be a difficult task. You can find many methods of applying any shade of eye shadow. However, you should find out the right steps in which you should apply it. You can even blend two or more colors together to create a stunning effect. If you prefer a natural look then you should use colors such as rose, beige, and brown, which are neutral. On the other hand, if you want to get noticed in a party or big gathering then you can experiment with colors that are bright and dark. Add some shimmer for some more drama.

Applying Eye Shadow

First of all you should apply a thin coat of foundation to cover your eyelid. You can also use pressed powder for this purpose. Thus, your eye shadow will get a good base to cling on to.

For Bigger Eyes

Take any light color on your brush and shake off extra shadow. With a single stroke, smear the color on your upper eyelid, starting from the center of the lid to the eyebrow. This will open up your eyes. Whenever you are applying a light color, follow this technique.

Apply a nice and medium-toned shadow to your lower eye lid. Make a line below your  lash line. Apply the color with a brush and make sure to shake away the excess powder, or else there will be blotches of color all over your face.

The Final Touch

On your brush, take a little bit of the darkest-colored eye shadow that you like. Apply the color on the outer corner of the eye and then move towards the inner corner. Next you have to apply some of the same color to the eye’s crease. If you want a very neat look then you can blend all the separate colors with a clean brush. This step is optional.