Gender Prediction – Guessing Your Baby’s Gender

It is always fun to predict the gender of the unborn child. Scientific methods such as ultrasounds and amniocentesis might make accurate predictions. But unless your doctor suspects an abnormality in the fetus, he will not perform amniocentesis. In case of ultrasounds, the technique is not a foolproof method for determining the sex of the child. Moreover, gender prediction through medical tests is forbidden in several countries. The only option left to predict the gender of an unborn baby is through the old wives’ tales.

Gender prediction

You might try to guess the gender of your baby with the help of the following features.

Food craving

Food craving is a welcome feature of pregnancy. If you are carrying a baby boy, you will crave for foods that are salty and sour. On the other hand, excess craving for sweets might indicate that you will give birth to a baby girl. Your grandma might have told you that a woman pregnant with a boy loves to eat proteins. She will keep on asking for more cheese and meat. If you suddenly develop a love for fruits and orange juices it is possible that you will soon become the mother of a baby girl.

Baby’s heartbeat

Female fetuses usually have faster heartbeat. If the heartbeat of the baby is over 140 beats per minute, the baby is expected to be a girl. The heartbeat of the unborn baby boy might be less than 140 beats per minute.

Morning sickness

Most pregnant women experience morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy. Rarely nausea persists throughout pregnancy. Morning sickness during early pregnancy might indicate that you are carrying a baby girl. If you are carrying a baby body, morning sickness might occur in your second or third month of pregnancy.

Your appearance

Your appearance might help you to determine your baby’s gender. The expanding belly of a woman pregnant with a baby boy might look like a basketball, whereas the belly of a baby girl’s mother will look like a watermelon. If you are carrying a baby girl, your hair might acquire a reddish tint and your right breast might be smaller than your left breast. Mothers of baby boys might have faster hair growth on the legs, their hands might become dryer and their feet might become colder.