Garlic Hair Treatment

Garlic Hair Treatment Garlic Hair Treatment

Garlic is an aromatic bulb used for seasoning the food. It is found that garlic is having antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and antiseptic functions. Garlic is found to have many health benefits like anti inflammatory, reduce blood pressure, diuretic etc. Above all these, garlic is found to promote hair growth too.

Garlic Shampoos

There are garlic shampoos and conditioners available in the market and they are shampoos that contain garlic extract. Many people are sacred to use this because of the fear of having the smell of garlic. But the extract of garlic used in shampoos, conditioners, gel etc is deodorized ones. These products on applying on the scalp and hair will promote the growth of the hair and keep the scalp healthy.

For experiencing garlic as a remedy for your hair loss you can try it at your home itself. Take a clove of garlic and cut it in to half. Then rub the cut portion on your scalp where you experience hair loss. After one hour and just before going to bed apply some olive oil on the scalp and cover your hair and scalp with a cap. Wash your hair on the next day morning. Repeat this for a month a you can see unbelievable changes in your hair loss.

You can also apply garlic oil on the scalp and leave it for the entire night. Then wash off the oil on the next day morning.

Benefits on Hair

Garlic may help you to improve the strength of your hair and also protect it from damage and dryness. It also helps you to control the split end and breakage. More than that garlic imparts extra shine and smoothness to your hair. Garlic will protect the scalp and helps to maintain it healthy. It helps to avoid the itching, dryness and flakiness of the scalp as it has good anti microbial property. Garlic even encourages the blood circulation on the scalp and thus removes the toxins and oxygenates the scalp better. Hence it stimulates the re-growth of the hair follicle. So garlic imparts healthy hair growth and stops hair loss.


  • Many of the necessary vitamins are found in garlic as a natural antibiotic and food should be consumed in more than gives great flavor