Garden Ornaments – Tips For Decorating Your Yard

Although plants are the main attraction of your garden, for beautification of the garden the role of garden ornaments should not be ignored. You need not spend a fortune to embellish your garden with expensive items. You can use affordably priced objects for decorating your garden.

Selecting garden ornaments

You should select garden ornaments according to the size of your garden. If you have a large garden, you can use bigger sculptures or install a fountain. For small yards choose smaller objects. In our effort to beautify the garden or yard we try to install as many items as possible, overstuffing the garden. Purchase limited objects, only the ones that could blend with the ambiance of your garden.

Garden sculptures

For small to medium sized gardens, one or two decorative sculptures or statues are usually enough. You can purchase statues of angles, mythological or religious statues for decorating the garden. The sculpture could be the focal point of your garden. The layout of your garden could be designed with the sculpture as the central point. The shrubs and plants around the sculpture should not dwarf it.


A fountain can be the focal point of your garden. Garden fountain could double as a bird bath. The water of the fountain will invite birds to your garden, further increasing the attraction of your yard. Plant small shrubs around the fountain to create a natural boundary around it. For decorating large gardens, waterfalls, wall fountain, cascading water or pool can be some popular options.


An ornamental sundial could be used for beautifying your garden. You will come across different types of sundials. Horizontal sundials could serve as the centerpiece of your garden. If you have a south facing wall, you can mount a vertical sundial on the garden wall.


To add a musical element in your garden, you can hang wind chimes in your garden. If you are a Feng Shui follower, you can consider hanging a Feng Shui chime in your garden. You can install metal or crystal chimes. Bamboo chimes are popular ornaments for backyards.

Garden gnomes

To give your garden a classy appearance, add garden gnomes in your yard.