Full Version of Google Mobile Application Launched for S60 Phones

s60-phones Google Mobile app had so far primarily concentrated on iPhone and Windows Mobile smart phone users. Users of cell phones running on S60 platform can now take advantage of the advanced Google Mobile app. No longer would S60 phone users remain content with S60 specific Google applications. They can now download the full version of Google Mobile Application. S60 users can now access Google search, Google maps, News, Gmail and several other Google Mobile products on their cell phone.

Advanced Search
The new Google Mobile Application for S60 phones is faster and powerful. It has advanced search feature. Similar to your desktop search, Google search app on your phone will remember the history of your search, preventing your from typing the same search item repeatedly. You will also get suggestions as you type your search item. The one click search mechanism, allows users to begin Google search without accessing Google.com from the web browser of the cell phone.

Location based search
My Location featured in this Google app, will offer you relevant search information based on your current location. This is an optional feature of the app, which can be turned on or off according to your desire.

Easy access
You can immediately access the various features of the app. Instead of wasting your time browsing through the menu, you can instantly launch the application on the home screen of your phone by pressing a key.

Users also have the option of using the home screen reminder, which featured in earlier editions of Google Mobile app.

Simply type m.google.com into the browser of your S60 device, and download this free Google Mobile app.

S60 phones
Smart phones running on S60 platform includes Nokia S60 phones, such as all Nokia N and E series phones, and Nokia phones running on third edition Symbian S60. Besides Nokia S60 phone, Google Mobile application can be installed on Nokia devices running on S40 and legacy Symbian S60, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Java enabled Motorola and Samsung phones.