Fujifilm Bringing World’s First 3D Digital Camera

fujifilm-bringing-worlds-first-3d-digital-camera After developing the world’s first complete digital camera, Fujifilm is arriving with another ‘first’. In September, customers in USA and Europe will get the opportunity to buy the world’s first 3D digital camera. What we are going to get from Fujifilm is an entire system of 3D photography, which has been appropriately named the FinePix Real 3D System. This system involves the entire gamut of photography, including 3D digital camera, 3D digital photo frame and 3D print.

Lifelike image
Digital camera makers are evolving technologies capable of capturing real life like images. High-end digital cameras hitherto have incorporated features such as smile detection, face detection, intelligent scene recognition, intelligent flash, high resolution with low noise etc. Fujifilm has added 3D feature by fitting its upcoming camera with an advanced sensor dubbed Fujifilm Super CCD EXR, which is all set to revolutionize the world of digital photography. You can expect to see the exact image, viewed with your naked eyes, portrayed on the LCD display of the camera and print.

FinePix Real 3D System features
The 10-megapixel digital camera is fitted with two lenses. The distance between the two lenses in similar to the distance separating our two eyes. The slightly different images produced in the left and right eyes combine in the brain to produce the illusion of a single image, which we call 3D image. FinePix Real 3D camera has an integrated 3D auto. It synchronizes the different components of shooting such as zoom, focus, exposure etc, as soon as the user clicks the camera. Near accurate movie synchronization and shutter control is ensured by the built-in synchro control. The 2.8-inch LCD display of the camera is capable of exhibiting 230,000 pixel images with minimal image deterioration and screen flickering. You can also view 2D images on the LCD screen of the camera.

Besides FinePix Real 3D camera, Fujifilm has also developed an 8.4-inch FinePix Real 3D Photo Frame. To create 3D effect, the display panel of the photo frame shares the technology of the LCD display of the camera. You can also get 3D prints with the 3D printing system of FinePix Real 3D system.

FinePix Real 3D camera will cost around $600.