Fruits For Diabetes Patients

fruitfordiabetes Diet plays an important role in controlling the blood sugar level in diabetes patients. Often people suffering from diabetes avoid fruits out of fear that the sugar present in fruits could push up their blood sugar level. However, this is a false conception. Most fruits, specifically fruits rich in fibers, are beneficial for reducing the blood sugar level.

Sugar in fruits
Sugar present in fruits is usually in the form of fructose. Unlike other forms of sugar, such as sucrose, fructose has low glucemic index. Minimal insulin is needed for the metabolism of fructose. Intake of this fruit sugar is not associated with sudden surge of the blood sugar level. Studies have shown that by reducing cholesterol and triglyceride production, fructose could protect us from diseases such as atherosclerosis, which leads to heart diseases and stroke.

Fruits for diabetics
Citrus fruits such as lime, lemons and oranges are extremely beneficial for diabetes sufferers. According to a University of Western Ontario study, citrus fruits contain a flavonoid known as naringenin, which has insulin-like properties. Naringenin could help people with type-2 diabetes. In addition, citrus fruits are a rich source of manganese, which is an important component of insulin. Each food serving depends on your calorie requirement. Apples, guavas, pears, papayas, watermelon, cherries and berries are good for diabetics. Always have fresh fruits.

Limit fruit juices
Dietary fibers, the beneficial nutrient for diabetics, are absent in fruit juices. Diabetes patients should limit consumption of fruit juices. Moreover, commercial fruit juices often contain added sugar, which is harmful for diabetics.

Fruits to be avoided
People suffering from diabetes should however avoid dry fruits. Diabetics should particularly avoid dates. The high calorie and fat content of this dry fruit makes it unsuitable for diabetes patients. Fruits that have high sugar content such as banana, mango, custard apple mango and grapes should be avoided by people suffering from diabetes.

Check your portions
Even fruits that are permissible for diabetes patients, when taken in large amounts, could push up the blood sugar level. Always check the portion of your fruits. By consuming fruits in moderation, you can prevent your blood sugar level from rising to abnormal heights.


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