Fruits and Vegetables For Weight Loss

fruits-and-vegetables-for-weight-loss Fruits and Vegetables For Weight Loss

For being healthy you must get all the essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients through food. At the same time you have to control your body weight. While reducing your body weight (through fasting) you need to ensure that you are energetic and healthy. Otherwise your cell won’t work properly and you will become sick. So instead of reducing your food intake incorporate more fruits and vegetables in to your diet and avoid the high calorie foods.

1. Fruits and vegetables are found to be ideal for health as they are low calorie foods and thus can help you to bring down your weight. Vegetables and fruits will help you to fill your empty stomach and at the same time fill your body with nutrients and vitamins.

2. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers and these fibers can protect you from many diseases like colon cancer. The fibers in the vegetables and fruits needs more time to get digested and so it gives you a feeling of satisfaction for a long period.

3. If your body contains more sodium then it will hold more water in the interstitial areas and thus increases your weight. Vegetables are found to have low sodium and thus an increase in the consumption of vegetables will reduce the level of sodium in your body and will help you to reduce the water retention of the body.

4. Vegetables and fruits consist of anti oxidants and phytochemicals which in turn shield us from many diseases. Differently colored fruits and vegetables give us different types of phyto-chemicals. These phyto-chemicals and antioxidants can help our body to fight against heart diseases and cancers.

What Should be in the Diet?

1. Try to consume fresh vegetables and fruits daily. You can include seven different types of fruits in your daily diet and it will help you to reduce the weight.

2. You can also add frozen vegetables and fruits in your diet.

3. Dried and canned fruits and vegetables will also works.

4. You can drink fresh juice which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

5. Instead of including more canned fruits and vegetables, nuts etc in your diet you can add fresh salads and fruits. This is because the fresh ones will have more fiber and water contents and will fill your stomach better.

6. Reduce the number of fruits and vegetables that are rich in fat and calories. Avocado, carrot, banana, peas, sweet corn etc are high calorie fruits and vegetables when compared to the other ones. Never avoid these as they contain essential nutrients which are necessary for your body.

7. Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables like papaya, orange, pineapple, grapes, apple, water melon, cucumber, pulses, French beans, tomatoes, spinach, celery, parsley etc in your daily diet and thus makes your body fit.