Fruit Tea

Fruit Tea

Fruit teas are made with different types of fruits like blueberry, apple, orange, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, peach, blackcurrant etc. In certain cases more than a single fruit can be used for making fruit tea.

Fruit tea can be made by steeping fresh fruits or adding fruit juices to hot water along with flavored black tea.

Benefits of Fruit Tea

Fruit tea is an ideal health drink and can be taken either cold or hot. Fruits tea are really refreshing ones. Fruit tea add more vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, K, antioxidants, manganese etc to you. Most of fruits contain vitamin C which is essential for preventing cold and enhancing immune system. The antioxidants present in fruit tea helps you to reduce the risks for having stroke and cancer. It may also protect your skin from aging.

Tips to Make Fruit Tea
Pineapple and Orange Fruit Tea

Take a pan and to this add one and a half quarts water and boil it. Then keep tea bags required for two gallons of water in a bowl and pour this boiled water in to it. You can also add two cups of sugar to this and allow the tea bags to steep in this solution for over night. Throw out the tea bags on next day morning and add one can each of frozen orange and pineapple juices to the tea. Now take two 1gallon jugs and pour the tea and juice mixture  to these jugs in equal quantities. Now fill the remaining part of the jug with water and keep it in refrigerator for chilling. Shake the jug well before use.

Citrus Tea

In order to make citrus tea, you can use orange or lemon or lime. Wash the fruits thoroughly and cut it in to thick slices. Now take tall glasses and place two slices of fruits on the bottom of the glass. Then pour a bit of boiled water on top of the fruit slices and allow the fruits slices to steep in boiled water for one or two minutes. This may help to release the oils from the fruits. Then fill the remaining part of the glass with normal or weak black tea to avoid the strong flavor of tea. You can sweeten the tea with either honey or sugar and serve it with a slice of citrus fruit on the glass side.


  • Fruit tea -- hot or iced -- although healthier is less popular than coke containing over 40g (8 tea spoons) of sugar. Most of that sugar turns into fat eventually. Why is that?