Forgetfulness or Dementia – Identifying the signs of dementia

signs of dementia You might have the habit of misplacing keys or forgetting a name. Does this mean you are suffering from dementia? Several factors might be responsible for your forgetful nature. According to health experts, mild forgetfulness is a normal part of aging. Stress and lack of concentration can cause difficulty in remembering names or past actions. Dementia is something more than mere forgetfulness that affects us at different times due to different reasons. To differentiate between dementia and mere forgetfulness, you should look for specific symptoms of dementia. Dementia is a serious mental condition that could lead to severe complications such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Difference between forgetfulness and dementia
You might frequently misplace your things. However, something is seriously wrong if you forget the very fact that you have misplaced a thing. It is not possible for people with dementia to determine the symptoms of the illness.

It is up to his/her near and dear ones to identify the signs of dementia and seek immediate medical intervention. People suffering from dementia often feel lost even while standing in front of their homes. They might not recognize their neighborhood and even their own home. On the other hand, people who are forgetful by nature do not encounter such problems. They can manage their finance, professional work and commute without any problem. People suffering from mild forgetfulness could use memory aids such as making entries in the diary to recollect things. However, people with dementia could not work with memory aids.

Repeating questions
People with dementia could not retain any information. They repeatedly ask the same question. They might forget a job they just did, insisting that they had never done the job. In case of normal forgetfulness, although the brain has absorbed the information, it has difficulty in retrieving it. However, in case of dementia, the brain could not absorb information.

Sudden change in behavior
People with dementia exhibit aberrant behavior. They could not do even normal routine activities such as bathing and eating. They become irritated and disoriented. Their behavior might become strange. A person known for his gentle behavior might suddenly become abusive and agitated.

Determining the signs of dementia at an early stage might help to prevent progression of the illness.