Food to be Avoided During Pregnancy

food-to-be-avoided-during-pregnancy Pregnancy

A woman should take at most care during her pregnancy period as any problems in her health will affect her baby as well. Any infection or poor diet of mother may affect the development of the baby’s heart, brain and other organs too. In order to give birth to a healthy baby a woman should take sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. She should also take care to avoid certain substances that may cause entry of pathogens which may cause problems to her baby.

Food to be Avoided During Pregnancy

1.     Alcohol

The first thing you need to avoid during pregnancy is alcohol. Intake of alcohol during pregnancy may affect your baby’s physical and mental development. It can travel through placenta and can block the transmission of required nutrients and oxygen to the baby. Alcohol thus can cause fetal alcohol syndrome and may affect the mental condition of your baby.

2. Cheeses

Try to avoid the soft cheeses from your diet as they are not safe. Soft cheeses like Feta, Camembert, Roquefort, Brie etc hold a lot of harmful bacteria called listeria. Listeria may cause blood poisoning, infection and can even cause miscarriage. If this cheese is pasteurized then it is safe to use. It is better to avoid unpasteurized milk as it contains listeria.

3. Fish

Fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acid and are good for pregnant ladies as they can support the development of your baby’s brain, retina, nervous system etc. Even though fishes are good but some fishes are harmful too. This is because certain fishes like King mackerel, shark, sword fish, tile fish, canned tuna etc consists of good level of methyl mercury in them. Methyl mercury can cause developmental problems and neurological damaged in babies.

Similarly fish caught from polluted lakes can have polychlorinated biphenyls. So it is better to limit the use of fish in pregnancy.

4. Raw Eggs and Meat

Raw eggs and meats are harmful as they may have salmonella or listeria in them and which are found to be the most harmful pathogens. These pathogens can even cause still birth and abortions. Hence it is better to avoid foods that contain raw eggs and meat like hot dog, deli meat etc. you can have well boiled or steamed eggs and meat.

5. Liver

Liver of the animals contains lots of vitamin A and iron. Too much of iron and vitamin A are found to be harmful for the babies.

6. Refrigerated Pates and Meat Spreads

Refrigerated meat spreads and canned pates may contain lot of bacteria and hence they are not safe to use.

7. Caffeine

Caffeine consumption may cause loss of water and calcium from the body and hence it may results in abortion, low weight birth, premature birth etc.

8. Unwashed Vegetables

Unwashed Vegetables consist of many bacteria and pesticide residues and it may leads to toxoplasmosis.