Food that Increases Stress

Increases Stress Food that Increases stress

A healthy body can easily cope with the stress and in order to have a healthy body you must take a well balanced diet. Stress in turn results in other sever health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure etc. There are certain foods that act as a major cause for stress. So if you are person remaining in stressful circumstances then you must avoid certain foods that promote stress. Here are some food items that directly relates to stress.

Food to be Avoided


Alcohol is a substance that remains as a major cause for elevating stress. But most of the people take alcohol for getting relief from the stress and it causes the situation to worsen. Alcohol increases the secretion of adrenalin and thus increases the nervous tension and irritability. It also results in insomnia and increases the risks of fat depositions in the heart. Alcohol in turn decreases the immunity and causes liver diseases too. Stress leads to the production of several toxic substances and the liver becomes unable to process these toxins and gets accumulated in the body. This may result in more serious health problems.


Caffeine is present in coffee, chocolate, tea, cake etc and it encourages the adrenalin secretion in the body. This in turn increases the stress. Caffeine also increases the cholesterol level and blood pressure and thus adds to the stress. Most of the beverages contains ample amount of carbon dioxide in them and this may aggravates the acidosis resulted from stress. Acidosis is a condition resulted from the accumulation of the lactase and carbon dioxide during stress.


Salt is the sodium chloride that causes high blood pressure. Salt may also cause the adrenal glands to deplete and thus results in emotional instability. So it will be ideal to replace your salt with something that contains more potassium than sodium. Also avoid the use of pickles, bacon, ham, sausage etc.


Sugar gives energy for a short period and ultimately resulting in the adrenal gland’s exhaustion. Increase in the level of sugar may add more pressure on the pancreas. All these may leads to poor concentration, irritability, depression, diabetes etc.

Fat Food

Food items like egg yolks, cashew nut, almond, cheese, meat etc contain more fat. Fatty foods may increase the level of blood cholesterol which in turn elevates the chances for stress.