Food Craving During Pregnancy

pickles and ice cream During pregnancy, you might feel a strong urge to eat chocolates or pickles. Often pregnant women find it extremely difficult to overcome the sudden food cravings that develop during this time. Just like food aversions that arise during the first trimester of pregnancy, food carvings are considered a normal part of pregnancy.

Reasons for food cravings during pregnancy
Several factors might cause food craving during pregnancy. Hormonal changes in the body might be responsible for this condition. Hormonal changes tend to affect the sensitivity towards certain smell or taste. These changes in the body are responsible for both food aversions and food cravings. The same hormonal fluctuations even cause premenstrual food cravings. During pregnancy, women usually crave for sugary foods, such as chocolates and ice creams, salty foods, dairy products, spicy foods and sour food such as pickles and citrus fruits. It has been observed that cravings for sweet foods increase largely in the second trimester of pregnancy. Some researchers believe that food craving might be a response to mood swings.

During pregnancy, sometimes women suffer from stress, anxiety or depression. Food cravings develop as a natural reaction to combat the negative feelings that can be harmful for the mother and the fetus. During pregnancy, the body needs extra calories and more nutrients. According to some scientists, food craving signals the need to meet the nutritional and calorie requirements.

Dealing with food cravings
As long as you adhere to a healthy diet plan, food cravings are not harmful during pregnancy. If you crave for chocolates and ice creams, make your chocolate or ice cream cravings healthy by adding slices of fruits to the sugary desserts. Instead of indulging in foods made out of refined carbohydrates, have whole-wheat pastas and breads. Although, you can indulge in eating foods of your choice, overindulgence could be harmful for your health. Instead of having large portions of chocolates and candies, remain content with small portions. Do not skip meals. This only helps to increase your food cravings. Try to avoid mood swings. If you are missing a strong emotional support in your home, to overcome your emotional problems, you can ask for professional help.