Flu During Pregnancy

Just like in normal times, even during pregnancy a woman can catch cold and flu. Other than the discomfort caused by the symptoms of cold and flu, pregnancy flu is largely a harmless health condition. Moreover, flu in pregnancy does not cause any harm to the fetus. However, since the hormonal imbalance tends to weaken the immune system of the pregnant woman, the symptoms of flu during pregnancy might last for a long time, sometimes three times longer than the duration of flu in normal people.

Symptoms of flu during pregnancy
To prevent complications developing from flu during pregnancy, the health of the pregnant woman should be closely monitored. It is advisable to check the body temperature at least once a day, so that symptoms of flu could be treated at the early stage. If the temperature rises above 101 degree Fahrenheit, you should immediately consult your physician. Rise in body temperature accompanied by symptoms such as shortness of breath, sore throat and chest pain might indicate severe viral infection that needs emergency medical intervention.

Preventing pregnancy flu with vaccine
You can prevent flu during pregnancy by taking a flu shot. Absence of live virus in flu vaccine makes it safe for pregnant women. The period between early October and late May is usually considered the flu season. To prevent influenza infection, pregnant women should take the flu shot in October or early November. If you have missed your flu shot during the early part of the flu season, it is never too late to prevent flu during pregnancy by taking a shot in December.

Remedies for pregnancy flu
You should not use over-the-counter cough and cold medications for treating symptoms of flu during pregnancy without medical supervision. It is always advisable to take medications as directed by your physician. According to medical experts, women who are less than 12 weeks pregnant or over 38 weeks pregnant should avoid medications for treating the flu symptoms. Without any external help, viral flu subsides naturally. To reduce the discomfort developing from flu, drink plenty of water, juices and fluid. Increase intake of citrus fruits and juices. You should also take plenty of rest when you are down with flu during pregnancy.