Flirting Techniques for Women

flirting-techniques-for-women Flirting is a technique to attract opposite sex. It is an art. You can master flirting techniques just for fun or to get a person for sex. Two types of flirting techniques include verbal and non-verbal. Some used to send message through letters, online, phone or eye contact. The flirting techniques may vary depending on the circumstances. Choose the suitable flirting technique based on the need.

Women mostly use non-verbal flirting techniques, as they do not want others to know. Don’t try to look at the person in public, he may feel bad.

Utilize the moments to indicate your intention when nobody is noticing.

You can get his mobile number, email id or write a letter to indicate your intention of love or friendship. Clearly indicate that you want him as a sexual partner.

You can catch men very easily with intelligent flirting techniques. The flirting techniques will come to you naturally.

If you want to get a person, try to have an eye contact with him. Tell your secrets and try to share his ideas and secrets. Try to capture his attention whenever you get a chance. Talk to him in soft tone without others noticing.

Indicate your interest with hearty smile. Invite him with a ‘come on’ message using your eyes. All these techniques are natural for women.

Apply the flirting techniques slowly to prevent irritation. Identify whether he really likes you. Leave him if he is not responding to your flirting techniques.

Loot at him appreciatively and move away. It is an effective flirting technique. Take 10-15 seconds break and gaze at him again with admiration.

Try to meet his eyes, slide over and don’t hold the gaze. Take a small break again and connect his eyes for few seconds. Men can’t resist this type of technique.

Attracting men through non-verbal techniques is an art. Try to lean towards him whenever you get a chance and have a conversation. Men like flirting.

Ask for help. They will try to talk more. It is a positive sign. Try to say his name whenever you get a chance. This is a message that you are really interested in him. Try to wear an attractive dress. Choose the colors he likes.

Smile is another effective flirting technique. Try to smile whenever you see him, but without annoying. He should understand that you like him very much. Make sure that he is near to you and try to tell about his qualities in front of your friends. This is another flirting technique to indicate your interest. Try to touch him with your hand gently when you get a chance. Do it discreetly.


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