Fixes to Tackle Damaged Hair

damaged-hair All of us want to have shiny and bouncy hair but it if gets damaged after using a range of styling products or over handling, then you should not feel hopeless. There is a solution for every problem.

Solution for Stiff Hair

The problem of having hair that feels stiff is very common. If your hair looks lifeless and sticks together forming clumps then there is excess buildup of shampoo and styling products. In that case even your best hair potion will not offer any help. You have to get rid of the excess residue on your hair and scalp by shampooing in a different way. For this you have to mix together one teaspoon of baking soda and the required amount of shampoo. Clean your hair with the mixture and then wash hair with plenty of water. Use a conditioner. Your hair will no longer be limp.

Shine for Lackluster Hair

If your hair lose it shine then you can solve the problem. You can make it shine by introducing some brightness to your natural hair color. If you have blond hair then brew one cup of good and strong chamomile tea. Cool it and then pour all over your hair. Comb it and then sit for 20 minutes. Next you can shampoo your hair. In case you are a redhead you can use cranberry juice for the same purpose. Those who have brown hair can apply the same procedure while using freshly brewed coffee. After you dry your hair, the color will look brighter and your hair will surely shine.

Oily Hair Treatment

If the sebaceous glands of your scalp produce a lot of oil, then your hair will constantly look limp and oily. If you are tired of washing your hair every day then here is what you can do. Massage your scalp with eucalyptus oil, brush your hair, and then shampoo after 20 minutes.