Fix your PC without spending a penny

pcfix In the present era of economic slowdown, it is not always a good idea to spend on each and every item that comes in your way. You may have to troubleshoot your PC at home, and calling up a technician will fetch a plenty from your pocket. So now time has come that we ourselves become our own technician do the job. These steps should be followed for the purpose.

When your computer breaks down, the first thing that comes to your mind is taking it to a service center and getting it repaired. Now if you do not know how to repair it, you can take the help of your friend who has similar such problems and getting the clue free of cost. Or you can call someone who is in your neighborhood and who is expert in these fields. Nowadays even a child may repair a computer.

At the first instance, you can try with a temporary second hand computer and learn the basics of fixing it. Now if the used computer goes bad then it would not cost so much as compared to fix a new one. So try to do your job at the first instance with an old computer. Also search for any stores in your local area where you would get lots of old computers, you can also offset your price for fixing your new computer with the old ones.

Try to find someone who repairs computers and sells them at a lower price. In this way you get to know the basics from someone who can repair or replace the old parts of the computers. Also a lot of books are available in the market that caters to troubleshooting of computers. You would not believe that some of the simple troubleshooting needs a little or no knowledge about the hardware at all.

The most important thing is to follow the user manuals of the computer. This is your best friend for helping you out in theses circumstances.

One thing you must remember that computer is an electronic device and may have errors everyday, so you have to get hold of the basics to save a lot of money.