Five massage techniques to help you relax

massage-1 Nothing relaxes on a weekend than a soothing and relaxing massage. A massage therapy is recommended not only to relax one’s nerves; it is also effective in curing muscle spasms, strains and body aches of different types.

So in case you have the cash and time to spend a little time in a local spa, try out these message therapies:

Deep-tissue massage therapy

This type of massage is meant to heal inner muscle tissues and deeper layers of connective tissue. For this massage, most therapists utilize a slow stroke which act on the muscles layers and relaxes them.

Deep tissue massage is known to relieve people from health ailments like posture-related problems, persistent pain in a specific muscular area and Osteoarthritis pain.


This kind of massage technique specifically deals with any kind of foot related problem. It basically concentrates on particular ‘reflex-areas’ on one’s feet and hands. These areas in turn coordinate with certain glands and other body organs.

For example, the foot tip is known to have a reflexive connection with one’s head area.

This method involves applying a certain amount of pressure on these reflex areas in one’s hands and feet. This treatment method is known to alleviate problems like arthritis, digestion problems and stress.


Aromatherapy is an ideal massage type meant to rejuvenate and appease one’s nerves and body. In this method, several fragrant plant oils are applied on various body parts.

There are a category of oils known as ‘essential oils’ which are often employed in providing an aromatherapy.

It is a great technique to for stress-relief and mental tension. It calms one’s mind and body and also refreshes one’s senses.

Hot-Stone massage therapy

This type of massage process involves the placement of warm and hot stones upon specific target point on one’s body. It helps the muscles of those target areas to relax and loosens them up.

The stones that are places on one’s body are heated but to a comfortable temperature. It helps to cure muscle strains and pulls.


Shiatsu is a Japanese massage procedure where particular areas are acted upon with the help of finger pressure.

This is a rhythmic massage pattern where each point is acted on for at least 2-8 seconds. This increases energy circulation in one’s body and also helps to sort out any bodily imbalances.