Five Great Day-Ending Notes

day-ending-notes Are you looking towards a great way of beginning your day? The key lies in how you have ended your day. Learn to end the day on a high and happy note, as it is the prerequisite to setting the mood for a positive beginning every morning. Here is a list of five wonderful ways of ending the day on a note of elation and satisfaction:

Make a list

Before calling it a day make sure to make a list of the things that are to be done the next day. To make things more organized you can make two lists, one for the home and other for your professional life. This will help you to manage work in a more systematized way and you will feel a sense of achievement the next night when you prepare to go to bed. Not just that, it also helps you to stay in control of the work situation.


Meditation is a great way of relaxing the mind. It helps to get rid of the negative vibrations and helps to channelize your energies towards a better end. Before going to sleep make sure to meditate for 10 minutes or so, as this can be uplifting and helps you redefine your life through creative visualizations.

Read a light, good book

Make it a practice to read a book before going off to sleep. It can be anything from feel-good romance to a book on self-improvement but be careful that it doesn’t have negativity, evil or horror.

Drink a mug of hot milk

Your grandma must have always insisted on this. Well new studies suggest that she was right in insisting on a cup of hot milk before going to bed, as milk has L-tryptophan, which has been proven to help people go to sleep. Go for a mug of skim milk and a low-fat snack before hopping onto the bed.

Listen to relaxing music

If music is soothing and relaxing it is known to lull the mind and induce deep sleep. You can play a CD, which has anything from soft instrumentals, slow jazz to soft romantic numbers while preparing to go to bed as this will help your mind to relax and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.