Five fruits you must eat in your daily diet

fruits-must Fruits are a rich source of nutrition for all diets. Vitamins, minerals, iron – you name it, and they provide you the much needed element.

But then you won’t be surprised to know that when it comes to measuring calories, certain fruits like banana and mangoes are struck off one’s list.

But nevertheless, different fruits are endowed with different types of nutrients needed for a healthy body. Here’s a peek into ten fruits that should be included in one’s daily diet:


If you thought your parent’s made up the saying – ‘An apple a day keeps a doctor away;’ then you are mistaken. It indeed is one of the best fruits to consume. Apple is known to be a rich reserve of antioxidants. Plus, also it provides great nutrition to one’s brain cells.

According to recent studies, apples are great nutrition resources for people fighting Parkinson’s disease.


It’s official now – berries are a storehouse of nutrients. You check any health manual on fruits and berries will top all lists. If one asks why then the answer would be that they are great Vitamin C providers. Blueberries are known to lead the pack.

Other than that, there are a lot of members of the berry family that must be included in one’s fruit salads. For instance, there are cranberries and blackberries.


The enticing color and succulent taste of the pomegranate grains should be enough to tempt a person. But still if one has any apprehensions in eating this fruit; then some important facts about it should be revealed.

The fruit is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Also, it contains antioxidants, potassium and beta-carotine.


Oranges are extremely beneficial for one’s health. And what’s more, most children and adults find it tasty as well. Oranges are perhaps a must-have among citrus fruits due its Vitamin C content.

Also, the fruit contains magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene and folic acid. It is good for development of bones and teeth. Also, serious ailments like a rising high blood pressure come down because of regular orange intake.


Watermelons are often termed as a very healthy choice for a diet. That’s because, the fruit is low on sugar and rich in Vitamins C and A. Also, it can turn out to be a very good fiber-diet for the body.

Now that you know which fruits are beneficial for you, start including them in your meals every day.