Fish Diseases

Fish Diseases

If you have an aquarium then you will be worried about the diseases that affects your fish. Sometimes you may notice that certain diseases lead to the death of  the entire fish in your aquarium even after treating them. Before treating your fishes you must be aware of the diseases that affects your fish.

Sometimes the introduction of a new living organisms, plants, aquarium equipments, decorations etc may also introduce certain diseases. Here are some of the diseases that affects your fish.

Diseases affecting the Fish

White Spot Disease

White spot disease is the result of a parasite attack. As the disease is caused by Ichthyophthirius multifilis the disease is also called Ick or Ich. Here white spots develops on the fins and body of the fish and the affected fish may show heavy breathing symptoms. This disease can be due to the poor water quality. In order to get rid of this parasite you can increase the water temperature to about 82 degree F and apply medications only after removing the carbon filtration as it may absorb the medication. You can also keep a quarantine tank to keep the diseased fish.

Anchor Worm Disease

Anchor worms are found to be attached to the head of the fish and they are thread like worms. If you try to pull out this worm from your fish then the head of the worm remain attached to the head of the fish and over a period of time the body develops again. Hence you need treatment measures especially for killing this worms.

Hole in the Head Disease

This disease is caused by a protozoan called Hexamita and is seen in the digestive tract of  the fish. It is even seen in healthy fishes. When the fish becomes weak or the water quality of aquarium drops down then these protozoans may come out of the digestive system through the feces and spread in water. It will then cause sores just above the eyes of the fish which will grow gradually in to a large hole. Most of the affected fish may stop eating.

In order to avoid the spread of diseases you can keep a quarantine tank. Introduce your new fish first to this tank and after making sure that the fish is not having any problems introduce it to the main tank. This may help you to avoid the spreading of diseases to other fishes and can also avoid adding chemicals to the main tank to control the disease. Also try to provide good quality water to your fish along with good food to prevent the diseases.