First home décor

decorating-your-first-home Many things happen for the first time in life: the first time you move into a dorm room, the first paycheck etc. Buying your first home, whether as a single person or a couple, comes with a special feeling of joy. It makes you feel proud of owning something yourself.

You can’t decorate a rental apartment according to your heart’s content because of the landlord’s rules. Therefore, decorating your first home is a special experience: make the most of it. After all, it’s not everyday that you move into your first home.

An individual’s home
As an individual, you may be on a tight budget for interior decoration. Having spent most of your resources on the housing loan, money might be a major issue. This doesn’t mean you need to live like a hermit. You can still have a beautiful first home.

First of all, you should have kept at least some of your earlier furnishings, if any. ‘A whole new home, a whole new look’ is good; but creativity is the key for budget decor. Find ways to give a new look to old things.

Search flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores etc for some good pieces of decor. If your friends and family can offer items, don’t refuse their help. You can always give them something in return later.

A couple’s home
A married couple’s first home presents more challenge in décor. It’s not about size or style but about choice. We’re talking about two people with different personalities and ideas decorating one house. Friction is bound to occur.

To avoid starting your married life on a bitter note, master the mantra of a happy marriage – compromise. From paint samples to furniture, adopting a dictatorial approach won’t work. Both of you have to live there after all.

It would be good to delegate different sections and aspects of the house and décor among yourselves. This way you won’t have to worry about everything and each gets what they want.

Decorate your first home with love and care.