First aid kit – for your wardrobe

wardrobe emergency kit Imagine your seniors invite you to a work luncheon or your long-standing crush asks you out for coffee; you’re thinking “it’s too good to be true” and those fatal words come true. Someone spills coffee on your shirt, or your favorite tie is ruined or the buttons on your skirt or pants fall out. Disaster of gigantic proportions it is, but how do you fix it?

First aid kits may be available at any organization for cuts and bruises but emergency wardrobe kits are rare. Even finding a safety pin is difficult in spite of the huge number of women working at the office. At such times, the emergency wardrobe relief kit in your purse would be of great help.

The kit itself
It’s no use having a bulky bag or box full of makeup if you can’t carry it everywhere with you. What you need is something small and spacious. Select a nice pouch or purse that fits in your handbag or shoulder bag without making it too bulky.

What to add
Ideally your wardrobe emergency kit should contain the following items:

Towelettes: A packet of towelettes for wiping face, neck and hands is essential. It can also be used to remove stains or blotchy makeup.

Safety pins: Keep a dozen of these tiny, pointy tools handy always. They can save you from major embarrassments when buttons turn traitors to your clothes.

Deodorant and mints: Sure you look great all day but do you smell the same? A small deodorant bottle ensures a flower-like fragrance around you and mints keep your breath fresh after lunch or coffee.

Main makeup: Can’t do without freshening up your lipstick or lip gloss every few hours? Make certain that you have a tube handy in your emergency kit; and make sure it’s of the same shade you wear that day!

Depending on your needs, you can alter the contents of your wardrobe emergency kit and replenish them regularly.