Fingernail Ridges

Fingernail Ridges Fingernail Ridges

Finger nail ridges are some common disorders seen in people. Finger nails can be considered as a true indicator of your health and most of your doctors may check your nails to distinguish your health ailment. There may be vertical ridges or horizontal ridges on your finger nails and both of them indicate different meanings. The vertical ridges are considered to be much harmless than the horizontal ridges. Horizontal ridges are considered to be an indication of illness.

Vertical Finger Nail Ridges

Vertical fingernail ridges are commonly seen in aged people but at times it appears in young people also. Vertical finger nail ridges are the rails and the grooves that run from the base of the nail to wards the tip of the nail. These ridges will not only be on the present nail bed but also on the upcoming nail beds too. Your finger may have the natural color, good shape and length, no layers and no brittleness along with these ridges. This ridge indicates the poor health of the nails.

Causes for Vertical Finger Nail Ridges

Vertical finger nail ridges are caused because of lack of moisture and natural oil content in your nails and this result in the formation of vertical fingernail ridges. Heredity also contributes to the formation of these ridges. Contact of harsh chemicals in dish wash, carwash and in other cleaning liquids may take moisture from your nails and resulting in vertical ridges.

Horizontal Fingernail Ridges

These ridges run from one end of the nail to the other end by crossing the nail. Horizontal ridges are indicators of health problems. Slightly dark colored deep grooved horizontal ridges on the nails are called Beau’s lines.

Causes of Horizontal Fingernail Ridges

These ridges can be due to malnutrition, metabolic disorders, certain medications, nail bed injury, diabetes, circulatory problems, thyroid, anemia, respiratory disorder etc. Beau’s line is developed when the growth of the nail is arrested temporarily due to illness or nutritional problems. Horizontal bridges are also caused by arsenic poisoning.

Once you notice ridges on your fingers then identify the vertical and horizontal ridges. Consult your doctor if you have horizontal ridges. Vertical ridges can be corrected by drinking enough water and also by using good moisturizers.


  • Susan Shellard

    Psoriasis is also a factor in ridged nails I have had psoriasis for over 50 years and have never let it worry me