Find Spy ware on your computer easily

SPYWARE In the world of information technology we often hear the terms such as viruses and spy wares. Although they are somewhat similar in their functions but each one of them has a distinct characteristic.  These are installed in your computer either through infected e-mails, web pages or infected downloads. These try to reduce the productivity of the computer and slow down internet browsing. Although viruses are most harmful in nature but we should not neglect spy wares also, as they tend to steal information from our computers and display them elsewhere.  So here are some tips to solve issues related to spy wares.

At first you have to find out if the performance of the computer is affected by viruses. To find this at first update your anti virus software and then scan you whole computer, whatever remains must be some types of spy wares. One thing should be kept in mind that although some anti virus remove spy wares but spy ware detection tool must be installed in the PC for complete removal.

The next step is to install the spy ware remover into your machine. After installation it would give the notice of updating your virus data list, click on yes and after installation a small icon will be placed in the bottom right corner of your desktop, right click on it and then select “scan for spy ware, adware, malware”.

Then select “scan your computer” in the dialog box. It should be noted that “Perform complete scan” option is checked and “C drive” is located under the scan location. Then click on the next button. After sometime a list will appear containing the names of all the spy wares found in your computer.

Then the computer will automatically reboot after a few seconds, but before rebooting you should make sure that all the spy wares have been removed from the computer and also some of the corrupted files are repaired with the help of the software.

Now after the scan you will find that some of your computer settings might be changed, so now navigate to the “preferences “ tab in the start menu and select “repair”” tab, then after selecting some of the common errors from the list click “Perform Repair”.