Few Tips to be Photogenic

photogenic Being photogenic is a very advantage as this quality helps you look good in the photographs, which are stored for a long time. We don’t get a chance to meet all the people, but we see them in the pictures and form an impression about the person. So, looking good in the photographs is a great advantage for an individual. However, everybody doesn’t enjoy the quality. Many people look horrible in the pictures although they are beautiful in reality. Similarly some people look gorgeous in the pictures in spite of having an ordinary face. So, know the tricks to hide your imperfections and look good in the photographs.

Hide the double chin: If you have a double chin, hide it while being shot. Double chin looks really odd in the photograph as it makes you look fatter. However, there are ways to hide it. Try to stick your tongue with the upper part of your mouth and don’t keep it at the bottom. It will help you hide the double chin and make your face appear much thinner.

Don’t be stiff: Many people become stiff before the camera and spoil the natural beauty. You should always maintain spontaneity before the camera. Just try to relax in spite of giving a stiff and artificial pose. Be your natural self and let your body relax while being photographed. Keep your hands in normal position and put a spontaneous smile on your face. However, if you don’t feel like smiling, don’t push it in your mouth and be just calm with a relaxed expression.

Keep the eyes open: Sometimes the eyes shut automatically just when the flash appears. Don’t close your eyes when the light flashes in the camera. This is a very bad habit that spoils the entire picture. You should be conscious at time moment about the flash and keep your eyes open when the picture is snapped.