Fescue – Grass For Your Lawn

A well-maintained lawn should have a lush green carpet of grass. Although we tend to overlook the importance of selecting grasses for the lawn, selecting the right grass variety is often a tricky task. Fescue grass is a popular grass variety, which could be used for adorning your lawn.

Why you should choose fescue

Although fescue grass could survive in a wide range of climatic conditions, it is best suited for cooler regions. It is perfect for temperate regions where the temperature usually remains below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, if you want your lawn to flaunt its green grassy carpet not only during the summer months but also during spring and fall, fescue grass will be the perfect choice for your garden. Fescue grasses can survive with minimal care. They are strong and drought resistant.

Buying fescue seeds

Fescue seeds are present in seed mixtures. If you want your lawn to be covered only with fescue grasses, instead of using garden seed mix, you can buy fescue grass seeds from the garden supply store. However, it would be easier to plant fescue grass sods instead of sowing the seeds, especially if you want to cover your lawn with grasses rapidly. For proper germination, make sure that the seeds and the seedlings are in close contact with the soil. This helps the young plants to absorb water and nutrients easily from the soil.

Time to plant fescue

Fescue should be planted in the fall or in spring. You can even plant the grasses during summer, but make sure that the grasses are properly watered. Fescue seeds germinate when the temperature of the soil is between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. These grasses become dormant during the winter and in summer when the nighttime temperature soars above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fescue varieties

Tall fescue is the most popular fescue variety. It grows fast, is drought resistant and it can grow in shade. The cost of maintaining the tall fescues is minimal. It is advisable not to mow the grasses until the fescues are at least two inches tall. If you prefer shorter grasses, you can choose one of the turf fescue varieties such as chewing fescue, creeping red fescue, sheep fescue and hard fescue.