Fertility Diet – Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Fertility Diet Sometimes for no apparent medical reason, both men and women suffer from infertility. Hardly do we realize that our diet can even dictate our ability to conceive. The association between diet and fertility has given rise to the concept of fertility diet. Researchers in Harvard had found enough evidence to support the role of diet to enhance fertility. Therefore, if you are planning to get pregnant, select your fertility promoting nutrition carefully.

Insulin and fertility
Researchers have observed that the insulin level in our bodies help to determine our reproductive health. It is a common knowledge that women suffering from diabetes experience irregular ovulation. The low insulin level in their bodies increases infertility risk. Studies have shown that normal insulin level promotes normal ovulation. Regular exercises and the right diet help to normalize the insulin level in the body. Therefore, to enhance your fertility, rely on a diet that helps to maintain normal insulin level.

Increase iron intake
Presence of adequate amount on iron in your body will increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Although, animal meat is the best source of iron, but dietary iron derived from red meat will not enhance your fertility. To increase your fertility, you have to attain most of your dietary iron supply from plant sources such as dark green leafy vegetables, beans and fruits.

Avoid trans fats
To increase your fertility, limit consumption of foods that contain trans fat. According to studies, you should consume not more than 2 grams of trans fatty foods each day. If possible, avoid trans fatty foods such as margarine and processed food. These fats obstruct the normal secretion of hormones such as insulin, which could be detrimental for your normal ovulation.

Increase intake of dairy foods
Increased consumption of milk and milk products will improve your chances of conception. However, to prevent weight gain, avoid full fat dairy products.

Have folic acid
Foods rich in folic acid promote secretion of female sex hormones. To improve your fertility, eat lemons, oranges, whole grains, leafy vegetables, beans and peas.

Avoid soy products
Soy products could adversely affect your sex drive. This libido reducing property of soy made tofu the favorite food of Buddhist monks. Increased consumption of soy inhibits absorption of zinc. Zinc deficiency can lead to male infertility.