Father-son bonding ideas

father-son Most fathers underestimate the importance of bonding with their sons. Merely providing for the boy’s education and giving pocket money is not enough. You should know how that pocket money is being spent and how that education is being utilized.

Lecturing your sons about the importance of money, time and the dangers of vices is not much help. They’ve probably tuned out at ‘Son, I’m going to give you some advice.’ Bonding with your son in the right way will make him the ideal man that you’ve always wanted him to be.

Go with the flow
You may have enjoyed fishing but your son may recoil at the smell of fish. Know his interests and involve yourself in them. If he likes video games or sports, seek to spend time with him through these activities.

Go to all his games and cheer for him. He’ll appreciate your support and start confiding in you. However, avoid telling him stories about your past successes or failures and placing expectations on him. Appreciate your son’s individuality; he is not you, but his own person.

Help him out
If your son is studious and computer-oriented, encourage him instead of forcing him to be an athlete. Help him with homework, spend time with him on his projects, and take him to fairs and exhibitions where he can explore his interests further. You’ll learn a lot from him, and he’ll become more open to learning things from you.

Back to basics
Make your son self-reliant by setting an active example. Teach him about fixing little things around the house or about maintaining the car. He will observe you at first but gradually learn how to take care of these things himself. It’s an important lesson for his adult life.

Cooking is not just for girls. Even men have to eat and take-out food isn’t the healthiest option on a daily basis. Teaching your son to cook basic meals will help him to take care of himself in his adult life.

Bond with your son and set him on the path of independence and success.