Fat Smash Diet – The Celeb weight Loss Diet

There is no dearth of dieting tricks that could help you to attain the perfect shape. Diet plans that find favor with Hollywood celebrities is easily accepted by the commoners aspiring to look like the stars. Fat Smash Diet is one such celebrity diet developed by Ian K. Smith. The creator of this weight loss program claims that Hollywood celebrities following this diet plan had lost between 19 to 38 pounds of weight.

Fat Smash Diet

Unlike fad diet plans that claim to shed the excess flab within 7 to 10 days, the Fat Smash Diet is a gradual weight loss process. It is usually a 90 days program that helps your body to gradually adjust to changes in diet and lifestyle. The weight loss program is divided into four phases. Instead of constantly counting your calories, you should simply consume the right foods and exercise regularly to attain the desired body mass index.

Fat Smash Diet – Phase 1

The first phase of the diet spans for nine days. This is the detoxification period that would eliminate the toxins and wastes from your body. In this phase you are allowed to consume unlimited fruits, vegetables and beans excluding starchy vegetables. The foods should be taken raw, steamed or grilled. You should consume moderate amounts of brown rice, low fat dairy products, egg whites, soy milk and herbal tea. Not more than 3 tablespoons of fats such as olive oil should be consumed daily.

Fat Smash Diet – Phase 2

In the second phase of the diet new food and beverages are introduced in the meal. Limited amount of lean meat, seafood, whole grains, cheese, whole egg, avocado, sugar, fruit juice, lemonade, sugar and club soda could be consumed in the phase 2 of the diet. This phase lasts for three weeks.

Fat Smash Diet – Phase 3

In the four-week long third phase of the diet, new foods such as bread, pasta and desserts are added to the diet. The portions of the foods are now bigger than the third phase.

Fat Smash Diet – Phase 4

The last phase of the diet is your ultimate diet plan that should last throughout your life. At this stage, you are allowed to have potatoes, beer, wine and pizzas. The portion size should be controlled. You should have four to five meals each day, and avoid skipping meals. Along with the diet, you should exercise daily.