Fantastic five things to see in Lisbon

lisbon With football lovers, especially Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans, Lisbon may be associated as being the home of Sporting Clube de Portugal – the popular player’s former club. But Lisbon, the largest city in Portugal and its capital, is a beautiful place with a cornucopia of amazing sights and experiences in store for every visitor.

The best time to holiday in Lisbon would be towards the end of summer or in late spring. You can partake of the diverse recreations in a pleasant atmosphere.

Alfama district and Bairro Alto
These are the oldest districts in Lisbon and also the most active and alive districts due to their wild night life. Their ancient history also makes them an interesting study for students. Although natural calamities may have razed the traditional structures, what survives, is beautiful enough to behold.

Lisbon Cathedral
This cathedral is the oldest church in Lisbon. It is built in two famous architectural styles: Gothic and Romanesque. A sacristy inside the church has been given the baroque style of architecture. St Anthony was baptized in the Cathedral; the day of his feast is a municipal holiday in Lisbon.

Caso de fado e da guitarra portuguesa
Get a taste of fado music – Portugal’s folk music – at this museum that was formerly a pumping station. It is a treasury of information about this delightful Portuguese sound; learn about the history and performance of fado music.

Lisbon Oceanarium
This oceanarium is a large aquarium for marine life and it represents the ocean. It has a central tank along with four towers surrounding it, with 25 aquariums on the first floor. The Lisbon Oceanarium has thousands of species of animals and plants.

Lisbon, sports, football
If you love football, you’ve got to love Lisbon. It has two major football teams – Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Sporting Lisbon. Both play in two UEFA certified 5-star stadiums – Estadio da Luz and Estadio Jose de Alvalade. Take a tour and watch a game to experience the fabulous facilities.

If and when you’re in Europe, don’t miss a stop at this amazing city.