Family fun night ideas

family-fun-night Having a family fun night is a great way to bond with your family members. Increasingly busy schedules (and we’re not just talking about adults) and pressures of life have almost destroyed the sense of kinship in families.

Appreciate what you have by spending more time with your family. It’s true that distance makes the heart grow fonder but too much distance is not good for the heart either. Most of those who don’t have families yearn for the closeness of having relatives.

Television night
Some just can’t do without their daily dose of television. If family fun night means giving it up, an ugly situation could unfold. So learn to compromise. Incorporate family fun night with television time.

Select a movie that the entire family can enjoy but avoid fighting over it. If it’s difficult to select one movie, then have a double feature with back-to-back films. And remember that family night is about spending time with family. So watch the movie together, discuss it, laugh over it and make merry.

Game plan
Playing games is an active way to spend family fun night. With small children in the house, parents can indulge in play dough games or doll games with little girls who like Barbie dolls. It may sound childish but the rewards of spending time with your children and being children are manifold.

Older kids would prefer card or board games. However, avoid getting too competitive with such games. It’s not about winning or losing but having fun with your family.

Other ideas
Is your family musically inclined? You could have a night of singing and playing the piano or guitar. Or if you consider reading books fun, the entire family can discuss a book that has been read by all. Play the part fully by dressing up as characters.

The outdoor lovers can plan a family night of barbecuing in the backyard or star gazing and talking. Ensure that all members in the family enjoy this and no one feels left out.
Family fun night activities should be something the entire family enjoys and does together.