fainting Fainting generally occurs in teens. We don’t need to worry about it. It occurs if the blood circulation to the brain declines. A person will become unconscious if the blood circulation to his brain drops. Generally the person would recover after one or two minutes.

Reasons for Fainting

General causes of fainting in teens include sitting in a poor ventilated building or moving in a huge crowd. Others reasons for fainting include working too hard in extreme heat, exercising too hard, not taking sufficient fluids, dehydration and exhaustion. It is also possible to get fainted if you stand for a long time. If you are anxious or felt shock, you may get fainted due to drop in blood supply to the brain. It generally affects our nervous system and thereby the brain.

Hyperventilation also causes a person to get fainted. A person, who consumes illegal drugs such as methamphetamine or cocaine, is likely to get fainted. You may also get fainted if you consume banned drugs. The persons, who are consuming medicines for diabetes treatment, should eat healthy food to prevent fainting. Brain needs consistent supply of sugar from the blood to allow proper working of the person. The persons should not starve to prevent fainting. Heart problems could also cause fainting.

The persons suffering from anemia are likely to get fainted, as they have very few red blood cells to supply oxygen to the brain. Girls with heavy periods are likely to get fainted.

Fainting in Pregnant Women

The pregnant women are likely to get fainted as their body undergoes various changes during this period. They should increase intake of fluids to meet increased fluid needs. The growing uterus would reduce blood flow through blood vessels. Such a condition could result in fainting.

Improper Eating

People, who suffer from bulimia or anorexia, are likely to get fainted due to low blood sugar, dehydration or changes in blood pressure caused by nausea and starvation.


Try to consume healthy food and enough fluids. Prevent excessive work.