Factors that promote Ovarian Cancer

ovarian-cancer Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is commonly seen in women between 20 – 80 years of old. In most of the cases ovarian cancer is identified only in its later stage when the probability of successful cure is very less. This is because the symptoms will appear only in later stages and it involves bleeding, pain in abdomen, gastrointestinal problems etc. Ovarian cancer develops in the stromal cells or epithelial cells or in the germ cells of the ovary.

Factors that promote Ovarian Cancer

1.    Women who had pre-history of cancer like the colon cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer etc have more chance for getting cancer.

2.    Those who have a family history of cancer have more tendencies to get ovarian cancer. If any person in your blood relation like your sister, mother, daughter etc had cancer then it will be better for you to consult a genetic consular. Genetic consular can distinguish a gene that can cause specific cancer. If your blood relatives had cancer when they were young, then your chances for getting the cancer is more.

3.    Women who’s menstrual cycle starts or before 12 years and women who is having periods after the age of 50 under goes more menstrual cycles in their life when compared to normal women. That means they are subjected to more hormonal activities and are more prone to get ovarian cancer.

4.    The hormonal fluctuations are a good reason for getting ovarian cancer and these fluctuations are more during the time of menopause. Hence age is an important factor in getting ovarian cancer and women around the age of 50 are more prone to ovarian cancer.

5.    Women who had her first baby after 30 years of age and who don’t have babies are also prone to get ovarian cancer. Pregnancy and breast feeding are found to be a good shield against ovarian cancer.

6.    If you are under treatment for fertility and you are consuming pills for inducing ovulation then you are at greater risk of getting ovarian cancer. But if you conceived during this treatment then the pills won’t harm you any more.

7.    Obesity is another reason for causing cancer. This is because obesity will increase the estrogen production and this estrogen will stimulate the cells in the ovary and there by increases the chances of ovarian cancer.

8.    If you have a habit of using talcum powder in the napkin or in the genital area then the asbestos present in the powder will act as a carcinogenic may cause ovarian cancer.