Facial Massage – Tips To Give An Energizing Facial Massage

Facial massage is the massage technique that is done on the face and neck in order to stimulate the pressure points  so as to release the blocks that inhibits the flow of vital energy. While doing facial massage a small amount of oil is also applied on the hands to make the movements easy and smooth. Facial massage is considered as a good remedy for stress, sinus congestion, migraine headache etc. It also helps to slow down the process of aging and thus impart a healthier and young skin.

Tips to do Facial Massage

Find a calm place where you can sit comfortably to do the facial massage. You can use a massage oil that is perfectly suitable to your skin type. Take half or one teaspoon of massage oil in your hand and start the massage from the throat’s base.

Use gentle strokes in the upward and outward directions. Next you have to do sliding movements on your jaw line from the base of one ear to the base of the other ear. Now concentrate on your cheeks with circular motions. Do the same circular motions on your ears and around the lips.

Slowly tap the areas around your eyes with your finger pads. While tapping around the eyes care should be taken to start it from the outer edge and move inwards. Now shift to the forehead and start the stroking procedure from the center of the forehead.

Practice upward strokes with both of your hands and slowly move outward and finish the stroking with circular motions on the temples. You have to continue this process up to five minutes and all the oil will get adsorbed in to your skin by this time.

Benefits of Facial Massage

Facial massages helps to alleviate the anxiety and helps you to attain mental and physical relaxation. You will be getting great relief from tension headaches and pain in the facial region. It also aids in relaxing the eye muscles and thus offer relief from  eyestrain.

It also avoids the neck tensions and improves the muscle tone of the neck and face. Facial massage is also beneficial for improving the skin and thus gives you a more  youthful appearance  .