Facial Exercise

Facial Massage Facial Exercise

Facial exercise is one of the crucial one that most of the people forget to practice. Facial exercise helps you to get an improved look. With age you may have wrinkles, laugh lines, crows’ feet etc on your face and this is because with age your facial muscles may lose their elasticity and tone and that lead to sagging of the skin. But if you practice regular facial exercises then you can easily get rid of such problems. Instead of running behind the moisturizers, cleansers and the numerous wrinkle treatment creams you can do facial exercises that helps to remain youthful. Facial exercises help you to improve the production of elastin and collagen. It may also help you to balance the distribution of sebum on the skin and thus avoids the oily and dry skin.

Exercise for Throat and Neck

Sit straight in a chair and lean your face in such a way that your face turns towards the ceiling. Keep your lips closed and start to chew. This movement helps you to make the muscles in the throat and neck to work. Now relax and come back to your normal position. Repeat this exercise at least 20 times a day.

Exercise for Forehead

Keep your middle fingers on the eyebrows center and pull the two eyebrows outwards while try to frown and keep that posture up to you count six. Then relax and again keep the middle fingers on the eyebrow’s center and push the eyebrows inwards while trying to raise the eyebrows. Hold this posture again up to six counts. Repeat this exercise for about 5 times.

Exercise for Cheeks

Sit in a straight position and look forward. While keeping your lips closed try to have a relaxed smile and then suck the two cheeks inwards and on to the jaws. Keep that posture till you count ten and then relax. Duplicate the exercise for 10 times.

Exercise for Lips

Maintain a straight posture and make your lips in to a puckered kiss and then slowly relax the kiss while keeping the lips closed. Now curl your lips across the teeth and in to the mouth. Maintain the posture till you count ten and duplicate the exercise for about 5 times.

Daily practice these exercises to improve your muscle tone and blood circulation on the face and thus gives you a radiant look.