Facebooks comes on Blackberry And Orkut comes on Java Phones

facebooks-comes-on-blackberry Thanks to app developers, social networking sites are rapidly invading the domain of cell phones.

Facebook for Blackberry Smartphones
From June 5, Facebook can be downloaded on Blackberry 1.6. Simply go to your cell phone’s browser and type www.blackberry.com/facebook to download your favorite social networking site.

Facebook for Blackberry smartphones has many new features for its users. As your friends update their status, you will get instant access to the updates right from your home page. Also from the home page, you can instantly view all new pictures uploaded by your friends, their wall posts, see new comments and add your own.

You also have the option of commenting on pictures uploaded by your friends. By clicking the profile image of your friend, you will instantly access their wall posts. The advanced photo-viewing feature of this app will produce better quality images. Photo albums could be viewed as a slide show. By scrolling on the thumbnails of the images, you can see large-scale photographs on your Blackberry handset’s display.

Besides English, Blackberry smartphone users have the option of viewing Facebook in Indonesian, Thai and European Portuguese.

Orkut for Java based smartphones
There is also good news for Orkut lovers. This Google social network site will now be available on Java enabled smartphones. This is a free application, which can be downloaded from m.google.com/orkut. With this new app, you can avail all the existing features of Orkut Mobile. You can read and write scraps, search for new friends, accept friendship requests and update your status. Besides the usual Orkut features, Orkut mobile application will allow users to instantly upload pictures, snapped with the mobile phone, to their Orkut album.

You can share these pictures with your Orkut friends. To share these pictures with friends who have not joined Orkut, you can SMS them these pictures. You can call and SMS your Orkut friends directly from your Orkut Mobile application. Orkut Mobile app will also let you see your friends’ updates, photo albums and scraps in offline mode.