Exercises for Eyes

Exercises for eyes Exercises for Eyes

You will know how important the eyes and the role they have in your life. If you are a person working with computer then your eyes will get strained and that makes you drained during the evening. There are eye exercises that help you to keep your and also help you to eyes healthyget rid of the strain. Here are some eye exercises that may help you.

Eye Exercises

To begin your exercises sit comfortably and straight in a chair with your neck and back straight and make sure that your body is not stiff. Then use your two hands to rub together till you feel a light warmness. Now close your eyes and cover the eyes with your hands keeping close to the nose and at the same time exposing the nose. There should not be any gap between the fingers and between the nose and the hands as you have to block the light rays from getting in to your eyes. Take care not to apply pressure on the eyes and you may be still seeing flickers of colors. You need to focus on complete blackness and for this get a deep breath and think about some incidents or scenes. When you can see complete blackness takes your hands out. Repeat this exercise for about three minutes or even more.

Sit straight and comfortably and focus your eyes on the nose tip. While doing so make sure you are not blinking your eyes. Stay like this with out blinking, for as long as you. Afterwards close your eyes and unwind.

Focus your eyes on the point between the eyebrows and above the nose. Initially this may be very difficult but on practice you can do this easily. Keep your focus as long as you can and then relax by closing your eyes.

Rotate your eye focus without moving your head. Move your focus to up and then slowly sift to left and then move to down and right side. Finish your rotation with your focus again to up position. Now reverse this rotation and continue this at least three times with out giving a single stop.

Eye exercise helps to maintain your vision and eye health.