Exercise Motivation

Exercise Motivation

Most of the kids like to move around and play. This exercise will be enough for preschool kids. But when they grow older they need more strenuous physical activity to keep themselves fit. Daily physical activity helps the kids to develop strong bones and muscles and also help them to control their weight. Physical activities give them better sleep and decrease their risks of developing diseases. An active kid may also have a better outlook which helps them to develop good self esteem. Hence it’s a parent’s duty to motivate your kid for doing exercise.

How to Motivate a Kid

In order to encourage your kid to do physical activity daily you need to adopt certain tricks. Choose the right kind of activity for your kid’s age and preference. Otherwise your kid may get bored and give up. Try to keep the activity as a fun rather than an exercise as kids like fun. While asking your kid to be active, remain yourself motivated and active. Being a roll model of your kid you can easily make them motivated. You can also play with your child.

Give your child every opportunity to remain active. Provide your kids with instruments for playing like mini trampoline, racket, jump rope etc. Take them to play ground where they can enjoy playing with others. If possible walk with your kid to the play ground or prefer cycling. You can also buy gifts that are fitness oriented for your kid and this will double his interest in physical activities.

Avoid watching television or playing computer games as such habits will limit their physical activities. Also make plans for holiday camps which help you to try a new game or sport. You can also try this on weekends as it helps your kid to get motivated. Allow your child to try a variety of games and choose the one that he enjoys more. If they lost interest in one game then try another one and these varieties of games help them to develop a range of skills.

Always recognize your kid’s achievements and offer them rewards when they achieve something.