Exercise for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Exercise for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is due to the compression of the posterior tibial nerve that is placed in the tarsal tunnel of the ankle. Any injury to the ankle, strain, sprain etc may leads to compression on the nerve and thus causes the tarsal tunnel syndrome. Over weight, fat feet etc increase the pressure on this sensory nerve. Certain diseases like diabetes, arthritis may also cause swelling on the ankles and thus adds pressure to the nerve. Any growths with in the tarsal tunnel may also cause the same problem. The affected person may experience sever pain on the inner side of the ankle and also on the bottom of the foot. There may be numbness, tingling and burning sensation on the foot. Here are some exercises that may help you to get rid of this problem.


Spreading the Toes

Keep the feet flat on a level surface and try t spread your toes as far as possible and get them back and hold together. Repeat it for ten times a day.

Static Toe Flexion

Keep your feet flat on the ground and press the toes in to the ground in downward direction. Make sure that you are keeping the toes flat and not curling them while pressing. Hold this position till you count three and continue this for ten times. Then slowly increase the period of pressing.

Pencil Lifting

Place a pencil on the floor and try to pick this pencil by curling your toes. Now hold the pencil till you count six and repeat this for ten times at a time. Practice this exercise twice a day.

Toe Lifting

While keeping the feet flat on the floor try to lift your toe one by one while keeping the others flat on the surface. Repeat three sets of this exercise twice a day.

Walking on the Toes

Do this exercise on bare foot. You need to walk on your toe tip for about 20 seconds. Then take rest for 20 seconds and walk again. Likewise complete eight sets of exercise and practice this twice a day.

These exercises may give comfort from the pain and burning sensation of tarsal tunnel syndrome.