Exercise for Heel Pain

Exercise for Heel Pain

Heel pain is a result of tightening of calf muscles which in time may leads to heel spur or plantar fasciitis. The pain is developed due to the damage that happened to the ligament called plantar fascia or when there develops a calcareous outgrowth from the heel bone. Similarly Achilles tendon’s tightness, poor foot functioning, inward rolling of ankle and foot may also case heel pain. There are various stretch exercises for foot that may help you to get rid of this heel pain.

Calf Stretching Exercise

For starting this exercise you need to stand in front of a wall and keep your hands against the wall almost around your eye level. Keep your injured leg a step behind the other one. Place the both heels flat on the floor and then slowly bend both the knees. This gives you a stretching feeling in the lower part of your leg and maintains this position for about 15 seconds. This may help you to release the tension in Achilles tendon, calf muscles and also in the plantar fascia. Repeat this exercise several times.

Stand in front of the wall and keep your hands on the wall at your eye level. Keep your leg that has got heel pain a step back on the other leg. Ensure that your heels are resting flat on the ground. Now slowly bend the front knee while keeping the affected leg straight. This may stretch the middle part of your calf and keep that posture for 15 seconds and repeat for six times.

Towel Stretch

Sit down on the floor and grab the balls of your foot with a towel. Hold the both ends of the towel and pull it gently towards you while keeping your knee straight. Keep that posture for 15 seconds and repeat for six times.

Marble Exercise

Spread some marbles in front of you and sit up there in a chair. Place a bowl near to these marbles. Now try to pick the marbles one by one with your toes and drop each and every marble in to the near by bowl. Once you finished the marbles again spread for the other leg even if it is not injured. Continue this exercise for about 15 minutes and practice this three times in a week. This exercise may help you to strengthen the foot muscles and also helps you to inhibit plantar fasciitis.

Practice these excises and get rid of your heel pain.