Exercise for Double Chin

Double Chin

Double chin is a result of the accumulation of fat in the chin. In order t remove these fat deposition you need to do exercise that involves the platysma muscle. Platysma muscle helps you to move the jaw downwards and so the corners of the mouth. While doing double chin exercise, you need to maintain your straight posture as it helps you to firm the muscles of the throat. Exercise for double chin brings down the fat deposition on the chin muscles. Here are some double chin exercises that may help you.

Double Chin Exercises

Exercise 1

Find a comfortable place which is devoid of any noises and relax yourself. Stand in an upright position and slowly raise your head from the chest and lean backwards. Lean towards back as much as you can and hold that position for ten seconds and then slowly comes back to the normal posture. Practice this at least ten times a day and this may help you to stretch your neck muscles.

Exercise 2

Stand comfortably on an upright position with your head at a normal angle. Stretch your lower lip as much as possible and hold that position for ten seconds and then relax slowly. Repeat the same exercise for ten times.

Exercise 3

Stand straight and then lift your head till you look directly towards the ceiling. Now slowly turn your head towards your shoulder and then slowly lower the head so that your chin touches the shoulder. While doing this ensure that you are not lifting the shoulder. Hold that position for a few seconds and then regain your normal posture slowly. This helps you to stretch the side of the throat and neck. Duplicate this exercise towards the next shoulder and practice ten stretches per side.

Exercise 4

Remain in a comfortable straight posture and open your mouth widely. Then put tongue as much as possible outwards and maintain that posture for 10 seconds.

Exercise 5

Sit straight and lean your head backwards up to that extend which is comfortable for you and then open your mouth and close it. Repeat this process several times and this helps you t stretch the neck and throat muscles. Now come back to your normal position.

While doing exercise keep it mind that you have to exercise gently and softly otherwise it may hurt your neck.