Exam Stress

Tips to Reduce Stress at the Time of Exams

Most of the kids have stress and tension at the time of their exams. This excessive stress makes your kid exhausted, confused and overwhelmed. This may cause adverse effect on your kid’s studies.  If the stress continues for long period then it may leads to  health problems in kids. Being a parent you need to help them to get over this stress.

Here are some tips that may help you to get rid of your kid’s unnecessary stress.

How to Manage the Stress During Exam Time

Organize Things

Ask your kid to organize things to manage their time efficiently. They have to make a time table and allot enough time to finish their note, assignments, studies, test papers etc. Ask them to modify their time tables as per their priority. Once they organize their to do list then half of their stress will go off. While making time table give time to relaxation too and this may help them to keep adequate focus on your studies.

Good Study Environment

The study area of your kid must be calm and quite. Avoid all distractions from the study area. You can also burn essential oils like peppermint oil as an aromatherapy which wakes your kid’s brain up. Allow your kid to follow a learning style that is comfortable to him. This is because not every person can follow the same learning style. Also ask your kid to visualize the achievement of their goals and this may help them to build up their confidence. Try to develop optimism in your kid and this in turn help them to reduce their stress.

Sleep Well

Ask your kid to take good sleep at night and this will help them to remember things better. At least six hours sleep is necessary to have a better performance.


Ask your kid to do  exercise for half an hour daily and this will help them to relax easily and to reduce their stress level. Teach them breathing exercise, stretching exercise, yoga etc to relive stress.

Ask your kid to prepare well for your exam and then they will be devoid of tensions.