Etiquette in the ‘air’ plane

air-travel Air travel has become more stressful these days with the added security checks and incidents of terror. It has become necessary more than ever to be a good and alert passenger so as to avoid upsetting your fellow passengers. Your odd behavior may seem normal to you but another could take offense or worse, become suspicious.

Common rules of courtesy are also needed when traveling by airplanes. Think about how you would feel if an annoying passenger ruined your 14-hour flight. Give others the treatment that you would expect for yourself.

Respect others’ wishes
You may want to make friends on the journey but not everyone feels the same way. Don’t chat endlessly with the person next to you and tell them your childhood stories if they’re doing their best to ignore you by maintaining a stony silence.

Respect others’ space
The airplane seat is not your armchair or lounger at home. The armrests are for you and the person sitting next to you. So don’t dominate the space for the entire flight. Also avoid looking into another person’s work and commenting. It is extremely annoying to have strangers read over your shoulder.

If you’re traveling with children, understandably they’ll become restless in a long flight. But don’t encourage their mischief if it’s causing inconvenience to other passengers. Get up and walk around with the child until he or she calms down. Make sure they get plenty of rest before the flight as well.

Other etiquette
If you’re listening to music, keep the volume only for yourself. Some people actually try to get work done on planes and others may want to rest. These will surely be disturbed by your loud Walkman or Mp3 player.

You can’t get fresh air on a plane; the doors or windows can’t be opened. So ensure that you use a deodorant, and mild perfume to avoid giving your fellow passengers a headache.

Be polite to everyone, including the flight attendants. Treat them with respect as they ensure your safety.

Have a safe and comfortable flight; let others have the same experience too!