Enjoying Winter In The Ice Hotels

Most of us might look for warmer locales to escape the winter cold, but there are many travelers for whom nothing can be as exciting as spending the winter vacation in the coldest places on the planet. Ice hotels have sprung up on different locations to boost winter tourism in countries which are noted for their inhospitable environment in the winter. If you are ready to brave the ice and cold this winter, you can seek cold comfort in one of the ice hotels of the world.

Ice Hotel in Sweden
The largest ice hotel in the world is located in the Swedish village of Jukkasjarvi. Every winter the hotel is erected from the scratch with ice and snow on the bank of the Torne River. The hotel’s interior design changes every year. Spread across 30,000 square feet of land, the Ice Hotel in Sweden could accommodate more than hundred guests. To entertain the guests, the Ice Hotel flaunts an ice exhibition hall, an ice bar, cinema, ice chapel and even an ice sauna and spa. The lowest cost of spending a night in the Ice Hotel in Sweden is about $230.

Ice Hotel in Quebec
In North America, the Ice Hotel in Quebec, also known as Hotel de Glace, is a great place to spend your winter vacation. The hotel’s design is inspired by the Inuit igloos and snow forts that every child loves to build with the snow accumulating in the yard. The beds of the hotel are made of solid ice and the mattresses comprise of sleeping bags that could help you to have a sound sleep at -30 degree Celsius temperature.

Ice Hotel in Alaska
The Aurora Ice Museum is located near the Chena Hot Springs Resort, northeast of Fairbanks. This is the only ice hotel in the United States. It is an amazing experience to sleep on the ice bed, sit on the ice chair and sip chilled martini in the ice bar of the ice hotel on a winter night.

Ice Hotel in Norway
Known as the Alta Igloo, the ice hotel in Norway is the northernmost hotel in Europe. The 20-bedroom hotel also has an ice chapel, bar and lounges. To sample the local Lapp delicacies you could walk into the tepee shaped Lakesestua restaurant.